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, we join president barack obama, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton, democratic leader nancy pelosi and expensive network of people in saluting ambassador chris stevens who will be remembered for his strong sense of dignity, his humility and his generous service to others. he will be truly missed by all who loved him and by all he served throughout the magnitude of his life's work. thank you for this honor. [applause] >>> members of christopher stevens family, ladies and gentlemen, let me first thank chris stevens' brothers and sisters for their warm and delightful insights into what he was really like. thank you so much. that was fantastic what you did for us. christopher stevens was obviously an extraordinary human being and contributor. every year at stanford we have a group of what we call national security fellows come. they were roughly army, navy, air force, state department. a couple weeks ago we had a meeting and the first person i called on was an army colonel. i said where were you last? he said in libya. i said did you know christopher stevens? he said everybody k
important the storm was is that there were only two states in the country where obama actually increased his vote share from 2008. otherwise he went down, of course. and one was alaska because palin wasn't on the ticket and the other was new jersey where i performed two points better than he did in 2008. so obviously the impact of the storm was enormous. and in the exit polls, 15% of the voters said it was the number one factor, and 40-something percent said it was an important factor. the other one is more serious, which is the demographic changes in the country. i think i always said on your show, and maybe you also have that tape where i said that if the demographic turnout is the same as these pollsters are saying, of course obama is going to win. but then i said in the next sentence but it won't be because of the high unemployment, and disillusion meant with obama. but i was wrong. it was exactly the same and with young people even higher than it was in 2008. and this reflects a permanent demographic change in the united states. it is no longer a country run by white married men and mar
to implement obama-care. states only have until friday--this friday to say how they're going to enact obama-care if the federal government--if they don't do it, the federal government will step in to do it for them. so for perspective on that issue i'm joined by mother jones reporter andy kr oh oll joining us by scape from ready ford, virginia. welcome in "the war room"." >> thanks for having me. >> jennifer: describe for people what exactly is that these states have to set in motion by friday. >> very simply, it's a website where you can go to, an array of options, a menu of health insurance plans that you as a consumer can pick from. you can pick out the price. you can pick out the options like you would on a car. you you do you have extra added benefits or do you pare back your benefits. the choice is yours. s options are there and you buy it there and then based on who is in your area. >> jennifer: it's an effort to create private sector market. it's there to make it easy for people. describe what happens if governors of these states refuse to enact the exchanges. >> we've had a number
which as you know is a great state named after the great pendulum has gone most supporting barack obama. [crowd cheering] >> jon: the electoral vote. obviously that was a state that mitt romney at the very end made a play for, but the amish don't play that. good news from mitt romney he has won tonight making announcements right now most of the confederacy. he's the winner there. a lot of the electoral votes. michigan, 15 electoral votes it's mitt romney's, one of mitt romney's home states. most presings reporting, we're going to call that for barack obama. [crowd cheering] it's a shame that that car pulled out right by that. we've got an interesting senate race to report. there's a lot of attention on this race in massachusetts. there was a yuk ma young man nad scott brown versus a gentlewoman named elizabeth warren, she has won the senate race. [crowd cheering] oh. going overboard buy his own tea partyers. right now the big state we're looking at is ohio because it's really the only state we've ever been looking at. and florida is, and again we are live so i don't know if this is oka
lost in michigan? >> that is really odd. not just michigan. look at wisconsin. both states obama won. in wisconsin the unions lost half a year ago with the governor walker's recall. and it is just going to show that democratic voters may be voting for obama, they may be voting democrat but they're not voting for unions. and that's the union's main base and if they can't get democrats to vote out for their issues they have serious problems nationally. david: vincent, we'll come right back to you. we have breaking news on this amd story. robert gray, want to go right back to it. go ahead. >> that's right, david. we reported before the closing bell, reuters reported that amd was perhaps putting itself up for sale and hired jpmorgan chase to explore options. "wall street journal" says amd is not pursuing the sale of the company or significant assets. that stock jumped up as much as 12, 13% as we headed into the closing bell. you can see giving back some of that in after-hours trading. at the same time we've seen shares of intel sliding to the lowest since september of 2011. apparently tr
it to the senate. president obama carried the state. there were questions about that before the election. what does this mean for bob mcdonald and the republicans in virginia? >> the next big race in virginia is next year. the governor's race trying to pick someone to succeed. and if you look just at last tuesday's results in virginia, you would think that the democrats are a lock. they won the u.s. senate seat. they won for president obama. romney lost in virginia. so that would imply that the republicans should nominate, they have two choices. nominate the very conservative tea party, the attorney general or nominate the more established conservative, bill bowling. last tuesday 's result they want to have a chancehey would nominate the more moderate guy. the tea party guy, he's got a lock on the nomination i think. he's the strong favorite right now. it's going to be a party convention that picks the nominee for the republicans and tends to be dominated by activists, the base people who are most enthusiastic. >> i'm sorry. >> but also the point is that the electorate in off year elections is much
and the winner in the state of florida was, hit the board, president obama. according to florida's results, it was about as close as you could get without triggering an automatic recount. president obama winning 50% of the vote compared to 49% for mitt romney. so president obama with 332 electoral vote. ultimately the decisive thing ant florida was not who florida voted for. it was the state becoming a showcase for the unreasonable lengths of time people had to go to to exercise their right to vote. florida's republican-controlled legislature cut down early voting days by almost half. rick scott broke with even republican tradition and refused to extend early voting hours even in the face of six to seven-hour lines in the state. now that florida's electoral college votes have been allocate ed, he's ready to address the state's problem saying "i have asked the secretary of state to review this and report on ways to improve the process after all the races are certified. as part of this, he will meet with county election supervisors, especially those who ran elections where voters experienced
tonight that president obama is considering massachusetts senator john kerry as his new secretary of defense. that's right, defense. putting the decorated veteran and former presidential candidate in charge at the pentagon and not at the state department, as had been widely speculated. "the washington post" is sourcing its reporting to unnamed senior administration officials. senator kerry is also not commenting tonight. if senator kerry does move to the cabinet for defense or any other post, there will be an immediate political question for the democrats as to what happens to his u.s. senate seat in massachusetts. senator kerry had mostly been talked about as a potential replacement for secretary of state hillary clinton. the post reporting tonight that that nomination for secretary of state is instead almost certain to go to united nations ambassador susan rice. republicans tried to make into a scandal susan rice's comments after the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. her comments that the attack was thought to be linked to islamist protests rather than an organized terroris
of president obama, a former rhodes scholar who served as an assistant secretary of state under president clinton. she came under fire from republicans for what she said five days after the attack in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans. here was race on "face the nation." >> we do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplanned. >> reporter: that would later prove to be untrue, though the white house insisted rice was working off the c.i.a.'s best information at the time. several republicans on the senate foreign relations committee have suggested they might try to block her nomination florida's marco rubio was noncommittal today. >> obviously she based those comments on directives or information she had and it's important to know who that directive came from and what exactly that information was. >> reporter: massachusetts senator john kerry, the chair of the foreign relations committee, has also expressed interest in the secretary of state job but today sources said he might be considered for secretary of defense instead if leon
some of the damage from hurricane sandy. and today 13 senators from seven states including maryland sent president obama a letter asking him to boost federal disaster aid in the 2013 budget. they are hoping that that will help to speed up recovery efforts. >>> just about two hours ago, one of the last major routes into the big apple reopened to traffic. the hugh kerry brooklyn battery tunnel was swamped by the estimated 86 million gallons of water by the storm surgery. one lane of -- surge. one lane of one tube opened tonight for the rush hour. the other tube is expected to be closed for several for weeks. that carried an estimated 50,000 cars a day before the storm. wow. >> the ongoing gridlock from this is stunning. >> it is. >> and it's going to be continuous for a while. >> it is and you know i heard some -- residents up in new jersey say you know what's taken so long? it was just like the derecho here. you have to put poles inpy land. not -- by hand. not just fixed in a couple of transformers, then up and down the shore. it takes time. 65 was the high again today. kind of decei
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course with the obama administration. the u.s. conference of bishops is meeting in baltimore and they expressed concern about what they see as the weakening of religious liberty in the united states. david collins joins us from downtown with more. >> the leader of the congress says the catholic church will never comply with president obama's birth control health care mandate. of youre a channel peace ♪ >> protesting outside of the partisan and heated rhetoric. from the pulpit, giving catholics an ultimatum. the delivered a 25,000 signature petition calling on church leaders to reconsider the perceived alliance with the gop. >> having letters read every mass, saying your soul is in eternal jeopardy if you vote for a party or candid it that supports an intrinsic evil? >> a majority of catholics voted for barack obama even has administration considers forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage and abortion inducing drugs. this puts them at a potential collision with the president. what's the only thing we are certainly prepared to do is to not give in. th
. remember the debt ceiling crisis was the endear in the president obama. there's only the united states of america. then at a critical moment in his presidency, he couldn't even bring red and blue together to come one a common sense budget deal. he has something rare and valuable right now, which is a chance to almost rewrite that history and to do things very differently this time. >> without re-election to worry about, how does that change things for him. >> obviously, things have shifted in congress. you could also feel the change the day after election day, with the republicans recalibrating what they were willing to do. president obama, i wrote in the paper last week, about his difference with people like doris kearns goodwin, to kind of chart his long path. one thing they said consistently to him privately is what doris kearns goodwin said on meet the press. one of the things they told the president he has to do a better job creating a day-to-day link with the nation. having the nation really understand what he's trying to do and being much more persuasive. >> you talk about they
obama was saying last year. he was brag being the oil and gas development we have in the united states. we got to remind him about that when the new epa regulations come out. so we -- we want to make sure he doesn't bring out those old ozone regulations that he shell of ad couple of years ago because he said they would damage the economy. our economy is growing slower now than it was then. we are really regulating to disaster. >> epa in 2010, diana? $23 billion of regulatory costs for the year 2010. >> that's what epa says. it is really probably a lot more than that. i mean, thee regulations, the mercury, the car ever carbon, ozone, each cost $100 billion each. >> all right. >> they don't have to justify them with benefits because it is maximum achievable control technology. in other words, they want to get as much as they can out of the air and don't have to justify the benefits. >> all right. robert, let me bring you in. you got your own epa in california. and you got your own cap and trade in california. and you got your own tax hikes in california. i guess everybody is going to mov
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on the united states consulate in libya and what the obama administration in new and when. three other americans also died in that attack. blacks after a dreary start the day, we are starting to see some light. far from warm outside. jacqui jeras here with a first look at our forecast. >> it looks good but it feels called. that as a point to be the store the next couple of days. we had quite a bit of rain and now we have some breaks in the cloudiness. you can see some clouds over looking arlington at this hour. we should seek more sunshine later this hour. a few showers still lingering down there in calvert county as well as along the delmarva. about a half of an inch at reagan national and an inch and three-quarters in culpeper. the cold front affecting all of the eastern seaboard. quite a few airport delays, philadelphia, longoria and jfk. partly cloudy skies and 48 by 3:46. morris sunshine. from the belfort furniture weather center, was head back to news. >> and the much anticipated i- 495 express plans, the fortune mile project from springfield to mclean has been heralded as a key project in
on a plan to save the the united states from falling off the fiscal cliff. president obama plans to meet with labor leaders today and business leaders tomorrow. he's hoping to get various groups and the two major parties to reach an agreement on a budget plan. if a deal is not reached by year's end, across the board spending cuts will automatically kick in. that will be the focus of members of congress as tray get back to work today following a few weeks recess. democratic and republican leaders will meet with the president on friday. including bills and trade with russia. >>> don't drive if you're dozing off behind the wheel. the chp is trying to get the message out about drowsy driving. you can get a ticket for it. they are on the look out for drivers who might be sleepy. >> weaving outside your lane, sporadic braking, take the off ramp, get out and walk around. >> drowsy driving caused 3600 collisions, 32 deaths and more than 2000 injuries in 2010. >>> well frank and lawrence, next time someone makes a joke about women driver ares, you tell them this. women now outnumber men on the na
a bbc host. the election of 2012 now is officially in the books. president obama was awarded a win in the state of florida on saturday. that gave him 26 states and the district of columbia, for a total of 332 electoral votes. mitt romney won 24 states, with 206 electoral votes. the president outpolled romney by close to 3.3 million votes. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: arizona officials today declared that democratic house candidate kyrsten sinema won her race for the ninth district, which means she will be the first openly bisexual person to serve in congress. her election follows some strong messages sent last week by voters in favor of gay couples exchanging vows. ray suarez has our look. >> suarez: for the first time supporters of same-sex marriage won at the ballot box last week. after more than 30 losses. washington state, maryland, and maine became the first states to approve the practice by popular vote. and in minnesota, voters shot down a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. >> it means everything. all my fr
: "ii on't finddit hard to believe that there are neighborhoods in the united states here president obama got 97- o 99-percent of theevote. but, uh, tte turnout ssspicious. philadelppia's y been a place that's had ssme preety, uh, irregulaa ellccton procedures in the past." past."...aad n florida... ..., incumbent republican 3 congressman allen west is recount of early vooing that shrank the total nnmbers for democraaic challenger, patrick murphyy still, murphy was still aheaa district-widee by poont-5-7-perceet... auuooatic recount. mothers-to-be... who have... the flu... or... prolonged fever.../ slightly increaaed risk... of... having a child... pith autism. researchers ... asked &pmore than 100-thousand pregnant womee... about their history... of influenza ... pregnancy...//. children oo mothers... who reported having the flu... while pregnant ... were... twice as likely... to develop week or ore... átripledá... theerisk....// experts... say... the risk extremely small however.. a... toxic drug... is... now being credited... with fighting t
of state. president obama may ask the vietnam veteran to replace leon panetta instead it is unlikely he will stay on for the full second term. as for the secretary of state position it is widely believed that the president will nominate susran rice. rice appeared on five different sunday talk show in the aftermath of the terrorist attack and blaming the anti-muslim video saying it was terror. >> republican congressman paul ryan breaking his silence a week after he and mitt romney lost the election wants to get to work. >> the issues we talked about sevenyears ago are what we have today. economy and debt-crisis and i worry about our military. these same problems exist and we have to find common ground to make it work. >> when asked about running on 2016. he said he was tired of presidential pilots right now. >> gas rationing in new jersey came to an end. the was put in place after gas shortages that had cars lined up for miles. governor christy said all supplies are replenished. darkness continues in long island. two weeks and no power. lifa claims that everyone who could get their power
fact, the most educated state voted for obama. the least educated state voted for mitt romney what does that say? >> i don't know. >> stephanie: we're in a blue state so we know the answer. we were not--that would be our answer. >> duh, i don't know. >> stephanie: exactly. i just lost my train of thought. >> reo hunter. >> stephanie: what is the name of that street. she lives on the same street as-- >> paula broadwell. >> broadwell. hum. hum. >> i'm not getting it. >> stephanie: i'll think of it. what is the name of the street. >> that's a little doughy. >> stephanie: right. i didn't want to be too harsh. [ laughing ] >> cenk: all right if we were in detroit it would probably be exit 69. 58 minutes after the hour. we have. markos moulitsas and charlie pierce. we have a big show as we continue on "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello current tv land. charlie pierce from esquire's politics and markos moulitsas. jacki what are you thinking. >> i've been missing the boats on this e-mail thing. i don't send 20 to 30,000. >> stephanie: and i'm re
departure of general david petraeus from the cia tells us more about the state of our nation than a dozen petraeus. president barack obama should not have accepted his resignation. we seem to care more about the sex lives of our leaders down their real lives of our soldiers. i want to pick that apart one piece at a time. he suggests that his resignation says more about the nation about him? what do you mean? >> it worries me that we can throw away the leaders so casually. general petraeus is one of the more prominent generals of our time. the only general the american public has really been known since world war ii. a lot of generals tried and failed in iraq. petraeus succeeded. here we have a leader who has done well. something happened between him and another person, a private consenting adults, nothing illegal, and we throw him out. i do not think we can afford to do that. we did not use to do that. dwight eisenhower carried on with his chauffeur, a very good- looking red-haired british woman. he was not fired. ike, you gotta go home, you had an affair. that would be crazy. that is kin
to recognize the sovereignty of the states. >> this comes on the heels of voters voting to legalize obama. >> president obama received 50,000 less votes than amendment 64. that should send a message this is a mainstream issue. they need to get board with the will of the voters. >> the national can i bass industry association say all marijuana cases should be frozen. he hopes the election should comment change. >> if they care about the will of the voters and their own political future they will back off. >> i hope that the medical can i bass collectives in california with language on. >> marijuana advocates do not expect california voters to be able to weigh in on legalization until 2016. governor brown says he will not bring up the issue of legalization, citing abuses in california's current system. >>> thousands of ballots are being counted around the state. check on where the eelectric results stands for races and measures where you live. >>> the nation paused today to remember the service and sacrifice of the men and women in uniform. many face challenges when they return from combat.
processes at local and state levels in some countries in our continent which allow the production, consumption and legal distribution of marijuana. >> this is undoubtedly a headache for mr. obama. his administration has yet to make clear how it intends to impose federal law prohibitting the use of the drug on colorado and washington state. they stopped short of saying it might relax its attitude towards marijuana smuggling. marijuana is the main cash crop for the violent drug cartels and advocates in colorado and washington say it will reduce the gangs profits. but that is not a position currently shared by the obama administration. the leaders in central america least, u.s. drug consumption policy remains a very square peg in a round hole. will grant, "bbc news," mexico city. >> our main story this hour, the top american commander in afghanistan general john allen is to be investigated over emails to a woman at the heart of the petraeus scandal. time now for some business news. less of a scandal, but more of a mystery i think, with microsoft. what's going on there. it just launch
into saving the united states from falling off the so called fiscal cliff. >> president obama plans to meet with labor leaders and business leaders tomorrow if republicans and democrats in congress don't reach a budget agreement by year's end, a series of tax increases and across the board spending cuts will kick in. the president will meet friday with house and senate leaders and here to discuss where the debate stands now and more importantly how it affects your wall, jill joins us from >> and last week. john boehner outlined different positions is there room for a deal. >> i think there may be because john boehner made it clear that while republicans don't want tax rates to rise, they are open to collecting additional revenue. on the other side, president obama reiterated that he wants the wealthiest americans pay more taxes but he did not demand that tax rates rise to collect the money. if we read between the lines it looks like a deal could be cut to limit itemized deductions for the wealthiest americans. that's schedule a and some o of the popular deductions include
from a belly? people from 19 states have filed petitions from america. on the obama administration's we the people website. and some are close to getting the 25,000 signatures needed to require an administration response with texas a mere 600 short as of monday afternoon. it is particularly feasible for texas to withdraw from the union and to do so would protect the citizen standard of living and resecure their rights in accordance with the beliefs of our founding fathers that are no longer reflected by the federal government. so what do pandas make out of all of this? >> they don't know anything. they are stupid pandas. what do you make of this? some states can do this. some states can't. >> i think texas can pull it off. they are in a grown upstate. i think louisiana was a close second. they would be more like the high school kid that ran away from home and spend all of their money on booze and hung out with mississippi, got in trouble and they lived in texas for a little while until we took them back. >> you know, it is an interesting point. the idea creates an experiment in which yo
, the pentagon. >>> cbs news has learned president obama will likely nominate u.n. ambassador susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. rice may face a tough confirmation process, though. republicans have criticized her response to the september 11th assault in benghazi. rice said it was a spontaneous response to anti-american protests in cairo and not a coordinated attack. >>> congress returns today with an agenda dominated to avoid the so called fiscal cliff, the combination of tax expense increases and spending cuts. president obama meets with top ceos tomorrow to discuss the issue. on friday, mr. obama meets with congressional leaders. >>> new york governor andrew cuomo is asking the federal government for $30 billion in aid to help his state rebuild following hurricane sandy. two weeks after the storm, tens of thousands of customers remain without power in the hardest hit sections of new york and new jersey. some 55,000 of them on long island. cuomo says the long island power company was not prepared and failed to communicate. >> i'm going to do a thorough review/
? >> the for their vote -- four-letter word. melissa: here is a good one. president obama is reelection, residents of -- 20 states have filed petitions to secede from the union. check out this matter. louisiana already has more than 10,000 signatures. and texas, big shocker, texas has reached 25,000, which is enough signatures for the white house to review their petition. you think anything will happen? you know what, we don't want you anymore. go ahead. >> en wanted to succeed. president obama, they might say, you know what. don't mess with texas. nothing and obviously will come of this. the bigger point is that a lot of people are not just upset with the reelection of president obama. it's not about obama, per say, it's about the changing nature of the country and whether or not we're losing the very foundation of principles that made us great, including free-market capitalism, economic freedom, individual liberty. what this movement shows you is that a lot of people want to reclaim that and are not sure how to do about it. melissa: what do you think? >> i had a conversation with a good friend o
electoral votes, every battleground state with the exception of income, does barack obama now have a mandate? >> i don't think so because they also re-elected the house republicans so what did people intended or not we've got divided government. >> reporter: you don't think there is a mandate here. >> i don't because then they would have put nancy pelosi in charge of the house of representatives. i think these ideas we talked about are popular ideas. this was a close election. we have to make sure it works in the next two years. that means i think both parties have to talk to each other. >> reporter: could you see supporting a plan that raises tax rates? >> i'm not for raising tax rates. >> reporter: you won't support a plan? >> i don't want to get into that but i don't support raising tax rates. i've been saying that my entire career. >> reporter: diane sawyer asked speaker boehner if you were now the leader of the republican party and his answer was, oh, i wouldn't think so, paul ryan is a policy wonk. >> i take that as a great compliment from john. >> reporter: is that your role now, posi
of blue states in there that voted for obama. at the other end of the scale are people that are in poor states, in the south and southwest. those states will see a big tax increase and largely because they benefit from a lot of things like the child tax credit, many refundable credits, a payroll tax cut would be most disproportionate to them. lori: i said the child tax credit is your claim to fame. do you think that will continue? >> i do think so. we ought to worry about the fact that so much of it is refundable which means even if you don't pay any income tax you still get a tax rebate from the irs and the irs is giving out $100 billion the year in refundable tax credits. i look to that to be a big part of the negotiating between the white house and republicans. should we put these people back on the tax roll, part of that 47% that no longer pay income tax? lori: what is the worst-case scenario if we get the fiscal cliff? >> it would be terrible. we have done the economic modeling on this. we see this would have a severe impact on long-term economy, about the equivalent of four hurric
believed that obama was not born in the united states or think that's an open question. that it is a sociali agenda. and i think that people in this bubble really did think that romney was certain to win because everybody they knew supported him and opposed obama. it's like the flip side of the old unfair joke about pauline kael who said, "how could nixon win in '72? everybody i know voted for mcgovern." apparently, she never actually said that. but we know the attitude it exemplifies. the right is now in that bubble. everybody they know hates obama. so how could all these people be voting for obama? >> in the hours leading up to the election, fox news devoted itself to speculation about romney's win. newt gingrich and others were talking about how big the romney landslide was going to be. gingrich thought it would be 300 electoral votes at least. >> i believe the minimum result will be 53-47 romney, over 300 electoral votes, and the republicans will pick up the senate. >> so are you suggesting that they, a conservative propaganda machine, was blindsided by its own ideo
to these margins. if you look at where gay marriage is trying to get a foothold these are deep blue states. in maryland 23% of people supported barack obama and supported our view of marriage. you know, for a movement that says it is inevitable this is not the landscape of an inevitable movement. we see it as an encouraging factor. there are numerous states that have yet... we have two supreme court cases where we believe that our side will overcome when all is said and done >> suarez: what do you think about that? deep blue states where the marriage question didn't even do as well as the presidential candidate. >> well, i think again we have to focus on movement and on the journey that people are taking. you know, our polling showed again maine i know most deeply because we were so involved in the work in maine but three years ago our own polling showed us with 47% support. we went into it with 47% support. that's what we came out is 47% support. three years later we had 53% support. so that's a pretty dramatic indication. i think maine was as blue then as it is now. what we're seeing is
kerry had an eye on the role of being the secretary of state to replace hillary clinton. his name was mentioned back in 2008 for that role as president obama considered who to put in for the cabinet. i think right now some of the conventional wisdom says that u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice even though she's embattled over her comments on benghazi, she may be the favorite for that role. so you've got some trial balloons floating around here. we know there are a couple deputies to the secretary of defense who are also being considered for the role. we'll have to wait and see exactly how it plays out. >> all right, brianna keilar, you have a full plate. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> next hour we'll get reaction to general allen now being tangled in this scandal. nic paton walsh will join us with perspective there. >> and tom fuentes from the fbi will join us to talk about all this. >> then on "starting point," a man whose own sex scandal led to his down fall, former new jersey governor jim mcgreevey. jason chaffetz will way in and debbie wasserman shultz. >> man there is
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